Learn by Doing

The research shows that 1-on-1 education is the most effective way to learn for most students, so that’s what we built. We've been at it since 2016.

Real-world skills + project portfolio

Learning happens when you connect new concepts with hands on experience. We help you build unique projects using the tools the industry demands.

How it Works

datascienece.ng's personalized approach is designed to help you achieve your goals and advance your career.

Meet with your Mentor

Every week, you will meet with your mentor whenever you feel like. In the meetings, you'll navigate difficult concepts, learn best practices, and plan your upcoming work to align with your interests.


Join a community of data scientists and mentors to get your questions answered in real-time, share your success, vent your frustration, and meet people who share the same goals.

Launch your portfolio

Employers want to see real work, not exercises and test results. That's why we guides you to learn the concepts then dives straight into building unique projects using the tools the industry demands.